Redbridge Primary School

Redbridge Primary School

The school is doing excellent work.
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My child loves coming to school.
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Friendly and helpful teachers.
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Such a lovely school
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Our school has a lovely community feel about it.
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I love the school and all the staff.
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My children are very happy here and love coming to school everyday.
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Brilliant school!
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So pleased with everything the school has to offer.
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School Dinners

School Meals

A two-course meal, cooked on site by staff from Southampton City Catering, is served daily to children who have ordered a meal.  The children are provided with fresh drinking water. 

Payment for a cooked meal is required in advance or on the day and a menu is provided so every child can choose the meal they want ahead of time.

A cooked lunch will not be provided if payment is not made in advance.

Increase cost of School meals from January 2023

School meals cost £2.90 per day.

Click here for the Winter 2023 menu choices                 

Free School Meals

As part of a Government incentive, all children in the Infant Years (R, 1 and 2) are now offered a free hot school meal every day.  This is an amazing opportunity and one we would encourage parents to take for their children.  

We would ask that parents in receipt of financial support/benefits, who would have been eligible for Free School Meals under the old system, allow the school to check their current status.  If confirmed, not only does the school receive additional funding which is used to enhance the experiences, support and learning for the children, it also means that parents can take advantage of a discounted fee for our daily Breakfast Club and get automatic selection for the uniform grant (alternate years).  

Our office staff are always available to help parents apply for Free School Meals.

Checking for eligibility is a very simple process if you wish to check for yourself simply go to:


Children having sandwiches at lunchtime

Redbridge Primary School is proud to be a registered ‘Healthy School’ with a healthy eating policy to support this. We are happy to advise on healthy lunch boxes if you feel we could be of help in any way. The Healthy Eating Policy does not allow:

  • fizzy drink because of the mess they can make when opened
  • chocolate bars and sweets

A chocolate biscuit, free of nuts, is allowed as a sweet treat within a healthy balanced lunchbox.

Please be aware Redbridge Primary is a Nut Free Zone due to several children having a severe nut allergy.


Children may bring fresh fruit or dried fruit to eat during the morning break. 

Fresh drinking water is available at all times for drinking.

Healthy Lunch Box - MENU IDEAS

Menu 1

  • Tortilla wrap with chopped, cooked chicken breast, avocado & natural yoghurt.
  • Mango cubes/pineapple chunks/apple slices.
  • Cereal bar with fruits and seeds.
  • Carrot shapes (batons, circles) or baby carrots with individual portion of cream cheese dip.
  • Orange Capri-Sun 100% Juice.

Menu 2

  • Pasta Salad: pasta bows with spoonful of pesto, chopped cherry tomatoes and yellow pepper squares and feta cheese cubes.
  • Pure fruit bar (fruit leather, dried fruit bar)
  • Small yoghurt (choose low sugar options and freeze the night before in hot weather)
  • 2 cheese flavoured oatcakes or breadsticks
  • Apple Capri-Sun 100% Juice

Menu 3

  • Mini stuffed pitta breads: one with ham, lettuce, grated carrot and sultanas.
  • Small fromage frais pot.
  • Small box of dried raisins.
  • Apple Capri-Sun 100% Juice.

Menu 4

  • Multigrain bagel with cream cheese, smoked salmon trimmings (or tinned salmon) and lettuce.
  • Small pack of mini cucumbers (kids packs available in some supermarkets).
  • Apple crisps or apple flavoured rice cakes.
  • Berry fruit pot; small pot with selection any of the following: strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries.
  • Orange Capri-Sun 100% Juice.

Menu 5

  • Vegetable sticks (place combination of coloured pepper squares, cucumber chunks and cooked chicken breast/cheese or ham pieces on sticks).
  • Hummus dip.
  • Blueberry muffin.
  • Red and white grape mix.
  • Apple Capri-Sun 100% Juice. 

Menu 6

  • Houmous, red pepper and grated carrot pitta.
  • 30g chunk of reduced-fat cheese.
  • Low-fat fruit yoghurt.
  • Box of raisins.
  • Apple juice.

Menu 7

  • Edam, ham and lettuce wrap.
  • Celery sticks.
  • Mini blueberry muffin.
  • Nectarine.
  • Semi-skimmed milk drink.

Menu 8

  • Tortilla with chicken, tomato, onions and peppers.
  • Cucumber and carrot sticks.
  • Grapes.
  • Yoghurt drink.

Menu 9

  • Pasta salad with tomatoes, mushrooms, pepper and tuna (canned in spring water).
  • 30g chunk of reduced-fat cheese.
  • Low fat muesli yoghurt.
  • Mango slices.
  • Fresh orange juice.

Include a variety of fruit and veg to stop your child getting bored.


Follow these top tips for easy healthy lunchboxes:

  • Keep your child’s school lunch cool by including a frozen juice carton.  By lunchtime the juice will have melted into a refreshing drink and the rest of the lunchbox will be cool and fresh.
  • Keep a variety of different types of bread, wraps and pittas in the freezer to be taken out as you need them.  This will ensure day-to-day variety without bread and wrap products going off.
  • You can sneak extra vegetables into your child’s diet in sandwiches.  Lettuce, cucumber, tomato, green pepper, roasted peppers or sweet onion makes great sandwich fillings.
  • Vary the fruit and veg you add to school lunchboxes to help your child eat a balanced diet and discover favourites. 
  • Serve fruit in different ways and combinations – such as mixed slices, whole fruits, cubes and vegetable sticks – to make lunches more enjoyable.
  • Choose lower-fat sandwich fillings such as lean meats like chicken or turkey, fish (such as tuna or salmon), cottage cheese, Edam and mozzarella.  Avoid mayonnaise and use less butter.