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Online Safety

We know that many of our pupils use social networking accounts, mobile apps and online games even though nearly all of these have age restrictions.  We need to educate ourselves in order to keep our children safe when using devices online and so the links listed below will give you some advice.

Speak to the Designated Safeguarding Lead at school if you have ANY concerns regarding your child's online activity or malicious content that could affect them.



#Wake Up Wednesday is a national campaign by National Online Safety which has been designed to inform and help parents understand the dangers and attraction of different types of online activity. It covers everything from Social Media to the latest games, allowing parents to keep up with the ever-changing world of digital resources. 

Each week we share #WakeUpWednesday via the School Story on Class Dojo.

Previous #WakeUpWednesday can be found below:


WhatsApp is the most widely used messaging platform on the planet, with over two billion users (forecast to become three billion by 2025), across more than 180 countries. The majority of those people (70%) open the app at least once a day – but what exactly are they seeing? Contact from strangers, fake news and convincing scams are all among the service’s well-documented hazards. 

 According to Ofcom, WhatsApp is used by more than half of 3- to 17-year-olds in the UK (including one in three from the 8–11 bracket), despite its 13+ age restriction. If your child hops onto WhatsApp to stay in touch with friends or family, our updated #WakeUpWednesday guide to the service contains the key details you’ll need to support them in doing it safely.

Everyone loves an online deal!  The trouble is, scammers know that too – so they often lurk around online marketplaces, hoping to fleece the unwary. Our #WakeUpWednesday guide has tips for staying safe on shopping apps. 

City-building games can be relaxing  … unless your virtual town’s foundations are built on hard-earned real-world cash!  This #WakeUpWednesday, we’re profiling the popular game Township and highlighting potential #OnlineSafety risks . 

This week, we're plunging head-first into the popular shooter, Helldivers 2 - exploring the risks posed to younger players and providing some #OnlineSafety tips.

This weeks free online safety guide focuses on group chats.  It highlights a number of risks such as bullying, inappropriate content and unknown members.

Flourishing friendships can be an important aspect of a happy life - but what does a healthy relationship look like? This #WakeUpWednesday, we’re offering expert advice on encouraging healthy friendships among children and young people. 

 "CONGRATULATIONS!!! YOU’VE WON OUR MONTHLY PRIZE DRAW!!!"  Look familiar?  These ads can be especially risky for children and young people, who may not yet be able to look at such marketing with a critical eye. However, our free online safety guide will educate you on pop-ups, their associated risks, and how to safeguard yourself and young people from this phenomenon.

For all its colourful presentation and similarities to other beloved child-friendly titles, Palworld is far from risk free  This #WakeUpWednesday, we’re exploring the #OnlineSafety risks of this breakout gaming success.

With #Euro2024 about to start, a little competition could be great fun  provided nobody crosses the line  This week’s #WakeUpWednesday guide lets you know how to nurture a healthy competitive spirit in children and young people, encouraging them to play fair. 

With the Euros in full swing, plenty of children are taking to the pitch  but perhaps we can keep them active all year round  This #WakeUpWednesday,  we’ve put together some expert tips on promoting physical wellbeing for young people.

You may have noticed an increase in betting adverts lately – courtesy of the Euros Gambling, however, poses a risk to young people all year round.  This #WakeUpWednesday, we’re letting you know how to safeguard children from the hazards of gambling.

With the NCA issuing an alert to educators across the country about the rise of “sextortion” online, the need to safeguard children and young people from this harmful practice has only increased  This #WakeUpWednesday, we offer insight into the risks of being exposed to and sharing intimate images.

Smart phone – smart user?  A whopping 98% of over-12s in the UK now have their own phone, with many younger children also using one regularly. Our #WakeUpWednesday guide has expert tips to help them avoid #OnlineSafety risks.