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The school is doing excellent work.
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My child loves coming to school.
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Friendly and helpful teachers.
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Such a lovely school
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Our school has a lovely community feel about it.
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I love the school and all the staff.
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My children are very happy here and love coming to school everyday.
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Brilliant school!
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So pleased with everything the school has to offer.
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Home Learning (7 images)

Every half term, children are set home-learning tasks that link to their projects. Here are just a few of the inventive creations.

Cyber Parents' Day (36 images)

Parents from across all year groups joined us for a workshop aimed at developing parents' knowledge and skills as cyber parents. Following the workshop, their children joined them to create family posters focused on being safe, happy and informed when on-line. Together, they also explored how they could have tech-free time as a family, valuing the importance of more talk and play.

World Book Day - A fantastic day for us all! (9 images)

We had such a wonderful day all dressed up as our favourite book characters. Both the children and staff made such a effort to bring their characters to life. The joy of reading was certainly shared on this fun-filled day. Each class voted for two winners from their class who were then judged for the dressing up competition. The three winners all received vouchers for Waterstones bookshop where they can treat themselves to even more book fun.

Year 5 travel back in time (7 images)

To launch Year 5's project on the Vikings, they spent the day at Butser Ancient Farm. Here they learned about different aspects of life for the Scandinavian invaders and settlers. Children built a wattle fence, hand sewed using rhune symbols and decorated pieces of chalk by carving with flint then adding colour by rubbing leaves across their designs. They became archeologists, carefully digging up unusual items such as a handle for a cauldron and bones from farm animals.

World War 1 workshops (6 images)

To mark the 100th year since the end of WW1, children across the school were able to explore this significant time in history up close. They even saw a soldier's bible that saved his life when he was shot in the chest. Look closely and you'll see where the bullet was lodged.

Starting the day with our friends at Breakfast Club (4 images)

Children from across the school start each day at our very own Breakfast Club. Not only do they choose from a range of nutritious breakfast choices, they also get to play games, get creative and dance in the hall. The children simply love it!

Visit to Southampton Public Library with our very own books (7 images)

To complete their project based around Nelson Mandela, equal rights and Black History month, Year 6 wrote their own biographies of famous black Britons. Their books were shared with their families and library staff then left on display for members of the public to enjoy.

Little Canada residential trip Autumn 2018 (12 images)

Year 6 sailed over to the Isle of Wight to take part in an action-packed residential. Resilience, teamwork, courage and support were key skills that all children impressed us with.

Year 5 Ancient Greek Day (6 images)

To enhance our Ancient Greek unit, we spent the day travelling back in time.

Endless Adventures in Reception Class (20 images)

Have a look at all the fun we have had in Purple Class since starting in September. As you will see, we are always busy!

Celebration Assembly for the Autumn Term (3 images)

Parents, staff and children all joined together to celebrate the children's achievements over the Autumn Term. We had a large number of 100% attendance children, all proud to receive their bronze badges. The teachers nominated a child from every class as their most improved reader and mathematician. Children were also nominated for being great citizens which is certainly an attribute we treasure! Our most improved child for attendance was selected too. Alongside these wonderful achievements, each class had a Star Learner focusing on being a Problem Solver as well as a Rights Respecting Champion. It was such a wonderful celebration of the hard work, great choices and fantastic attitudes our children show. Parents were also congratulated and thanked for their amazing support.

UNICEF World Children's Day (3 images)

Our Rights Respecting Reps supported children and grown-ups in selecting what they believe to be the priority for each child. The choices were: Love, A Fair Chance, A Childhood, An Education, A Voice, Clean Water, Safety and last but not least Health. It was so difficult as the school community all agreed that they were so important. What would be your first priority?

No Pens Wednesday - Let's all talk Maths! (8 images)

This year's No Pens Wednesday tied in perfectly with our school's priority of developing oracy. The children from across the school focused on using accurate mathematical language to discuss their learning. Children made use of resources and images to support them in their investigations.

Year 4 get in a spell over Harry Potter (14 images)

Year 4 became completely immersed in the fantasy world of Harry Potter. They were sorted into Hogwarts Houses, played real-life Quidditch, created spells and solutions in science and were lucky enough to visit the Harry Potter Studios.

A visit from Southampton's Mayor (6 images)

We were so fortunate to have a special visit from the Mayor, Cathy McEwing with a special focus on how wonderful our school dinners are. The children were delighted to be able to welcome our special guest to lunch.

Dinosaur Discovery! (5 images)

Year 3 discovered a collection of dinosaur fossils in their classroom. They used their non-fiction language and scientific knowledge to report on this exciting event as News Flash reporters.

Parents as Partners (5 images)

We are so lucky to have amazing support from our parents who come into school regularly to be part of their child's learning.

Year 2 Book Signing at Waterstones (11 images)

Blue Class are real-life authors! Their parents joined them at Waterstones for their very own book signing of books based on The Dark by Lemony Snicket.

Healthy Living with the Saints - A fun filled afternoon! (6 images)

Year 4 took part in an action-packed afternoon at St Mary's Stadium exploring different aspects of healthy living. They made delicious fruit smoothies with peddle-powered smoothie makers, sorted drinks based on sugar content, competed against timers and raced one another in whacky warm-up exercises.

Art Together exhibition with Kevin Munday (10 images)

Years 4, 5 and 6 took part in an exciting art project involving young people across the city. The subject was community, belonging and acceptance.

World Book Day (4 images)

The children and staff had a fantastic day, stepping into the world of book characters. Which character would you choose to be and why?

Governor Day Celebration Assembly (6 images)

Every year, our Governors join us for a very special assembly. Here we shine a light on those children, and adults who have impressed us all. Who will be this year's Outstanding Achievement children, 100% Attendees and the Citizenship winner?

Lads & Lego (6 images)

Children had special guests come to school for fun with lego - their Dads. It was a great time to build wonderful creations together and have time to enjoy each other's company.

Gardening Club (6 images)

Look what we have grown in our Garden.

Summer Holiday Challenge Winners (9 images)

Children across the school were selected as winners for their completion of the Summer Holiday Challenge booklets. Each child was accompanied by a family member (or two) to choose exciting prizes in Waterstones book shop.

Careers Fayre (6 images)

Year 5 & 6 took part in exploring a range of different career paths through our very own Careers Fayre. Volunteers set up stands where children could ask them questions and try out skills or equipment needed for the role.

Father Christmas (7 images)

Each year, a special visitor takes time out of his busy schedule to pop into all our classrooms. Each class are given a Christmas themed book share.

Remembering Armistice Day 100 years on (6 images)

To mark the 100th anniversary of Armistice Day, the whole school spent time together to consider the impact of the Great War, those who were affected by World War One and any other conflicts since. It was a special time to show our respect and to endeavour to live our lives peacefully.

Saints v Chelsea Flag Bearers (6 images)

25 Children with 100% attendance were selected from a draw to be Flag Bearers for the Southampton v Chelsea match. Each child was accompanied by a family member to watch all the action. It was such an exciting event to be part of, thanks to Mr Kilby from the Premier League Primary Stars programme.

'Choose Respect' Anti-Bullying Week 2018 (7 images)

We spent the week exploring this year's them of Choose Respect. We started the week with an Odd Sock Monday, took part in a Choose Respect sports event on Tuesday, spent Thursday exploring showing respect on-line and finished the week sharing all of our learning in a special assembly. It was wonderful to see and hear such great learning around this important issue.

Year 6 IntoUniversity Titanic project and Graduation (10 images)

Year 6 spent the week with the IntoUniversity team where they studied the history of RMS Titanic, it's links to Southampton and stories of some of its passengers. They visited the Sea City Museum as part of their research. As a celebration, they shared their findings in team presentations. This was followed by a graduation ceremony in front of their families. The children thoroughly enjoyed the entire week which also involved exploring Southampton University whilst learning about university life.

Aspirations event with Premier League Primary Stars programme at St Mary's Stadium (3 images)

The Junior Rights Respecting School Reps were joined by the Head Boy and Head Girl to take part in a morning focusing on aspirations. The children learned of successful people from Southampton. They explored the skills and attributes required for different careers and could explain clearly why they felt they were needed. Out of the three schools present, we were delighted when two of our children were selected for 2 of the 3 certificates of recognition.

Christmas Concert with special guests (2 images)

The Junior children sang with such joy for the Infant children and very special guests from the SCA Day Centres in the local area. Our guests joined in with well-known Christmas carols and songs. The children were so happy to be able to bring some Christmas joy on a wet December day.

Space Art in Year 5 (5 images)

Year 5 children created vibrant collages based upon their Space project. They explored mark-making, paint effects and collage techniques with their parents joining them in building up images rich in colour and texture.

Young Leaders at Redbridge Primary School (5 images)

We are lucky to have several groups of children who have Young Leader roles. They take the time to represent their friends through: The School Council, The Learning Council, The Rights Respecting Representatives, Year 6 Prefects and their leaders, the Head Boy, Head Girl and the deputies. The children are important in speaking on behalf of others, they assist in decision making and help adults across the school.

Year 5 Trip to the planetarium (13 images)

Year 5 children visited the amazing planetarium as part of the Space project. As you can see, they made the most of the exciting activities. Perhaps one day they might even travel into space. Imagine that!

Curriculum slide show (12 images)

New Fitness Equipment opening. (5 images)

Special guest Martin Sinclair-Saints Player came to school to open our new fitness equipment area.

Sports Day 2017 (7 images)

Attendance Trip (7 images)

Children who attended school EVERY DAY - ALL YEAR were rewarded with a trip to Tile Barn.

Attendance Treat (7 images)

Bouncy Castle, Fun and Games and Ice cream.

Harry Potter (6 images)

Green Class trip in February 2017.

Purple Class (4 images)

Learning with Purple class!

Turquoise Class (11 images)

Have a look at our learning!

Yellow Class (13 images)

Learning with Miss Acland, Miss Yound and Mrs Davis.

Red Class (9 images)

Learning with Lisa, Miss Tucker and Red Class.

Orange Class (19 images)

Lots of learning and fun in Orange Class!

Blue Class (2 images)

Learning with Mrs Davies-Green and Mrs Kercher.

Green Class (10 images)

Learning with Green Class, Mrs Smith, Mrs Jennings and Mrs Leggit

Christmas Celebrations (10 images)

Redbridge Primary get ready for the festive season.

Breakfast Club (7 images)

Children enjoy a nutrious breakfast everyday.

Parents visit Green Class during Light Project (2 images)

Green Class invited their parents in to share their learning during the light project.

General Photos (5 images)

General Photos