Redbridge Primary School

Redbridge Primary School

The school is doing excellent work.
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My child loves coming to school.
(Parent Survey)
Friendly and helpful teachers.
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Such a lovely school
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Our school has a lovely community feel about it.
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I love the school and all the staff.
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My children are very happy here and love coming to school everyday.
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Brilliant school!
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So pleased with everything the school has to offer.
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Life at Redbridge Primary School Life at Redbridge Primary School Life at Redbridge Primary School Life at Redbridge Primary School Life at Redbridge Primary School Life at Redbridge Primary School



At Redbridge, we are passionate about providing an enriched curriculum which raises aspirations, drives ambition, and secures high standards in all areas. Children will be engaged, motivated and confident in their learning. The curriculum develops the skills, knowledge and learning skills that will enable our children to be successful learners for life. It will support children in their development as respectful members of the local community and society. 

Our curriculum is:

Engaging and motivating: Our projects are designed to engage and motivate our children in their learning, igniting their curiosity and  passion for learning.

Purposeful: Exciting hooks at the start of projects provide children with a purpose for learning as well as establishing a clear intended audience and outcome, enabling children to learn in a meaningful and purposeful manner.

Memorable experiences: Our projects provide children with memorable, real-life experiences that inspire them to produce high quality outcomes that they are proud of and may not otherwise experience.  

Contextualised learning: The design of the curriculum enables learning to be contextualised through other subjects and a depth of experience is gained through the application of learning skills in these areas.  

On each class page you will find the latest home-school learning booklet which includes the home-learning project and key dates for your diary as well as an overview for the year. 

 “… there is a very strong culture of collaboration and pupils were often observed supporting and challenging each other during their lessons.” Teaching and Learning Review 2018


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 Below are other  documents you may find useful.  

PDF icon   For mathematics, we follow the White Rose Hub planning which can be found here

PDF icon    Reading Policy

PDF icon    Assessment Principles

PDF icon   Redbridge & Lordshill Primary Federation Curriculum Statement

PDF icon   The National Curriculum 

PDF icon     RE: Living Difference III