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The school is doing excellent work.
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My child loves coming to school.
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Friendly and helpful teachers.
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Such a lovely school
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Our school has a lovely community feel about it.
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I love the school and all the staff.
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My children are very happy here and love coming to school everyday.
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Brilliant school!
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So pleased with everything the school has to offer.
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Sport Premium

Sport Premium – How we are using the money

The Sport Premium is an additional amount of money given to schools in addition to their main budget.  Every school receives a fixed amount of money for each pupil.  The money is provided to schools so that we can improve the provision of PE and sport and to encourage the development of healthy, active lifestyles.    

We must report to you the level of Sport Premium, how we have used it and what difference it has made.  This year, the school received £8,890 in Sport Premium.  We are planning to spend the money in the following ways:

  • Professional development for teachers in delivering high quality PE lessons
  • Expert sports coaches to deliver high quality PE lessons
  • Positive attitudes to sports and physical activity 

You can find a copy of this year's action plan here

Impact of 2016-17 sports premium money

Total number of eligible pupils on roll: 176

Total amount of Sports Premium received: £8,890

How have we spent the Sports Premium money?

  • £936 – CPD
  • £5616 – Cover by quality PE coach
  • £100 – extra hours to cover competitions
  • £945 – Swimming
  • £1014 – Over time for staff to run free clubs
  • £350 – maintenance of field markings

What are we proud of this year?  

  • All class teachers have had access to PE CPD through Bradey Norton and Ed Kilby at least once.
  • Attitudes towards PE are positive amongst children are staff
  • Year 5&6 Girls won the Redbridge Football tournament
  • Year 5&6 Boys came second in the Redbridge Football tournament
  • Year 4 children came second in the Premier League Football festival
  • Year 6 attending the TRYathlon and enjoyed a full day of sports
  • Year 6 Boys attending Premier League tournament and represented us beautifully
  • Teachers have access to high quality planning through the contract with Super Star Sports
  • New links with Premier League Primary Stars and Ed Kilby
  • Visits from Nathan Redmond (Saints player) and Martin Sinclair (Paralympian)
  • PSHE support through PE from Ed Kilby (Premier League Stars)
  • Reading Stars programme through Ed Kilby (Premier League Stars)
  • Maintaining swimming lessons for Years 3-5 
  • Maintaining two free clubs per week as well as 4 sports clubs altogether
  • Class teachers have access to high quality planning from Super Star Sports
  • High quality PE lessons being delivered by an experienced PE coach
  • Sports kit and equipment donation through links with Premier League Primary Stars
  • Adventure days for Year 2 and Year 5.
  • Sports Day led by Bradey Norton
  • Rounders competition at Redbridge Community School
  • Federation Sports day
  • KS1 Federation multi-sports festival
  • Year 2 football festival
  • Collapsed curriculum day run by Premier League Stars involving KS2
  • FA Primary Teachers Award training

Impact of this year’s actions:

  • Increased involvement in competitions and sporting events: from four off-site events to ten.
  • Access to sport’s clubs maintained despite budget constraints with five sports clubs being offered a week.
  • Positive attitudes to PE from both staff and pupils

“It’s fun! We get to do loads of different sports and get out in the fresh air.”

  • Increased confidence amongst teachers to deliver PE.

“I now have a bank of PE warm up games, which I didn't have before. My non-existent gymnastics knowledge has much improved and I really enjoyed teaching it. I have also learnt how to consider differentiation within PE - something I wouldn't have thought of before.”


National Curriculum requirements for swimming and water safety:

  • swim competently, confidently and proficiently over a distance of at least 25 metres
  • use a range of strokes effectively
  • perform safe self-rescue in different water-based situations.

At Redbridge Primary School, we offer swimming to Years 3, 4 and 5.  At the end of this year's swimming provision, 59% of the Year 5 children achieved the National requirements for Swimming and Water safety.


How else are we supporting a healthy, active lifestyle?

Although not funded by the sport’s premium, the children have enjoyed and have benefited from the new installation of the fitness equipment supporting our drive to promote a healthy, active lifestyle.

As well as this, we have planned healthy lifestyle projects in Year R, Year 2 and Year 4 with the intention on re-visiting the basics of healthy living (teeth cleaning, diet and exercise) each time with the hope that the children employ these habits in their lifestyles at home. We have made contact with a new initiative ‘Life Lab’ run by Southampton University and Southampton Hospital.

The whole school have also had a visit from the ‘Tooth Bus’, allowing children who had not been to the dentist in two years to have a check-up and advisory letter sent to their parents. We knew there was a need for this from general observations but the feedback from the dentist was that this was the worst case of tooth decay she had seen in a school in two years. Reinforcing the needs for the projects highlighted above.