Redbridge Primary School

Redbridge Primary School

The school is doing excellent work.
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My child loves coming to school.
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Friendly and helpful teachers.
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Such a lovely school
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Our school has a lovely community feel about it.
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I love the school and all the staff.
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My children are very happy here and love coming to school everyday.
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Brilliant school!
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So pleased with everything the school has to offer.
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Our Nurture Group caters for children with additional social and emotional needs which may include children who have difficulty settling into school or who find it difficult to respond to the demands of daily life in a busy classroom. 

Our school ELSA (Emotional Literacy Support Assistant), Vicki Davies, has completed the specialist training in the theory and practice of nurture groups.  Vicki, together with Vicky Scott our nurture assistant, works with the children to support their development and model positive relationships.  The children are gradually helped to remove any barriers to learning thus enabling them to learn effectively within a mainstream classroom.  The group is overseen by Faye Robertson, the school’s Inclusion Lead.

The Nurture curriculum focuses on building confidence and self-esteem, sharing and turn taking, developing trust and positive relationships.  The sessions incorporate circle time and snack time, alongside a differentiated curriculum.

Our Nurture staff are also trained in Emotional Literacy where they provide individual and small group support for children covering issues such as friendship, bereavement, self-esteem and dealing with emotions.



TALKABOUT is a small group intervention, run by our ELSA team, designed to develop the self-awareness, self-esteem and social skills of identified children.  The group is specifically designed to provide a foundation of social skills through which children can grow and develop with confidence.


Dangerous Curriculum    

Dangerous Curriculum, inspired by Chris Quigley's Dangerous Curriculum, is a small intervention, run by our ELSA team.

The activities play to the strengths of pupils who enjoy challenge, risk taking and problem-solving and for whom being indoors sometimes a switch off to learning.

The 'dangers' are not all physical - many may embarrass, run the risk of failure or invoke mild fear.

Each activity also has a 'learning trap' - a cleverly disguised part of the curriculum such as learning about forces and friction, levers or aerodynamics.  Many of the activities are disguised as competitions or challenges and pupils may not realise until it is too late that they are already learning without realising it.

This is an intervention designed to support children to use their initiative, recognise and manage danger, become leaders as well as learners and develop confidence.


Theraplay  Theraplay - YouTube

Theraplay is a practical and play based, small group, intervention run by our ELSA team.  It aims to build relationships through fun interactive games and activities. 

The sessions are brief, usually thirty minutes, and lively!  They aim to create opportunities for children to experience important aspects of relationships that are vital to building attachments.  The children are supported by our ELSA's to play together using a specially designed programme which aims to address the particular issues that the child needs help with.